MASSPLAZA prof. platform (Partner BAZAAR is its working title) is a software package that enables continuous and effective web browsing of users logged into their personal accounts, which does not require going into technical details or software installation on your computer.

Due to a simple sequence of actions, it takes just a few minutes even for the beginning user to create websites, publish large volumes of posts on thousands of the system’s websites with one click of a button and receive live traffic in no time.

MASSPLAZA prof. platform is successfully used by Internet entrepreneurs of different areas and levels. It allows them to exchange traffic, thus quickly raising their websites to the top of the search engines.

Using MASSPLAZA prof. software platform, an entrepreneur spends no more than 15 minutes a day, saving significantly on marketing and promotion of their resources.

For whom our software application?

You've found a free market niche. You've created a product. You've made a website for selling. You've launched an affiliate programme. But there're only a few affiliates yet, sales are low, the website's promotion in search engines is weak. The only thing that sustains your sales is delivery of the advertising mail. How is it possible to promote such a website in a short time and to find grateful clients?

Marketing Manager - Affiliate
You deal with affiliate marketing, work with affiliate products. Most likely you deal with more than one product. You have a website or a blog, where you post your affiliate link. If a visitor of your site follows the link and makes a purchase, you will receive commission.
First of all, dealing with affiliate products implies advertising. How can you promote your website quickly without paying for advertisement?

You are searching
You've been on the Internet for a long time or for a short period, but you're absolutely sure, that this is the place where money is, and you should earn it. But still you cannot find your own way to do this, especially, since you do not have all the required skills. It's hard for you to make your own site, it's difficult to choose the product for promotion, and the mail delivery list isn't formed yet. How can you solve all these problems faster and start making money today?

Partner MLM
You work in the sphere of network marketing. You should create your successful team in order to have a good and stable income.
At present, the structures are built through the help of the Internet, and you have a personal website from your company. And this website is the same as any site of your colleagues, but with your properties.

Where affiliates could be found for your team? How can you increase the efficiency of the site and stand out against many others of that kind?

You've bought an information product with the rights of resale, a product site, even with promotion materials. But you were not the only one who buys this product with the same rights and, of course you've faced plenty of competition from the first launching day. Certainly you have to increase the advertising budget. How can you save on advertisement?
Since 2010 we've been helping people involved into doing Internet-business. Today we can help you as well.

Are you interested in it?

  • Make sites for selling in a couple of minutes
  • Publish advertising texts with video every day
  • Show your information on thousands sites simultaneously
  • Bring your sites to the TOP-10 of search engines in a few days
  • Take free target traffic
  • Reduce advertising budget to zero
  • Choose affiliates and clients
  • Gain additional profit
  • Pay once - use always!

Who are the users our product?
MASSPLAZA prof. platform is equally widely used by marketing managers, networking professionals and those who are still in search of the prospects. Marketing managers value that using our software package allows for a quick ‘feel’ of a promoted product because it will take just a few minutes to create a saleable website and then you can immediately get the flow of live traffic to it.

MASSPLAZA prof. software platform takes into account all the possible requirements of Internet entrepreneurs of various categories.
Networking professionals will be satisfied, too. Today the platform is used by many Internet entrepreneurs and those who are still in search of a market niche. Each of them may be your potential partner. Information exchange is a functional feature of this software package which contributes to promotion of your services a lot.

What are the product advantages?
A huge information field created directly by users provides an efficient use of the software advantages of the platform, as well as participation in information exchange.
You can work on-line directly from your personal account. You can use our technical capabilities for the promotion of your products and services. You can also create your own websites (from 4 to 20 websites depending on your status) and immediately start attracting the visitors through our tools. On top of that, you can effectively and automatically make money using our affiliate program as all the affiliate links will be automatically put into your website!

All of the following materials are available for our users: video tutorials, instructions: how to write a saleable content, how to attract visitors, how to make a title, what to do for achieving promotion results in a few days’ time.
Webinars featured with detailed explanation and visual presentation of working with software tools are held several times on a monthly basis. At these webinars we demonstrate most successful and less successful working results of the users. And you know that one learns from mistakes!

Your publications + our software = your success
How much do you have to pay for using MASSPLAZA prof. platform on a permanent basis?
In order to understand whether it is cheap or expensive to use our product on a permanent basis, let’s draw a small comparison.
If you work with information products you certainly need advertising. One of the most effective methods of getting a good flow of potential customers is putting an ad in the author's newsletter.
The average cost of a one-time newsletter ranges from 300 to 500 dollars. If you put such an ad once a month, the annual cost will range from $3,600 to $6,000.

Our platform allows you to place your high-quality materials all the time and every day. All you need to do is paying just once a price ranging from $147 to $247, depending on the status you choose (excluding the current discounts!).
Does it sound like cost-efficient? No doubt!

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